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Residential Maintenance

Residential Maintenance

Heavenly Pools is an excellent swimming pool business found in Vegas, Nevada. Our mission is to regularly provide high quality, dependable pool maintenance to the citizens of the Las Vegas region. We genuinely value our customers.

-Professional weekly maintenance
-Affordable prices without sacrificing quality
-Immediate response to all your pool needs
-Integrity with over 20 years of experience
-Peace of Mind for You and Your Family
-Gladly Attend to Emergency Calls
-References Available

Commercial Accounts

Throughout summer time months, Las Vegas commercial pools are filled with action. We have worked with HoAs, hotels, apartments, banks and management companies to tend to their pool needs.

Our pool service complies with all city, state, and federal regulations. Our services are perfect for HOA pools, apartments, condos, hotels, and even fitness clubs. Our professional technicians can come 1-3 times a week as needed to keep your pool water crystal clear so that your residents or guests can properly enjoy the pool.

Tile Cleaning & Acid Wash

As you know, Las Vegas has harsher water than other cities because of the desert. As pool water evaporates due to the high extreme temperatures all of the minerals stay behind. As you continue to add water the mineral content increases over time causing your pool water’s hardness to increase (mainly calcium). The calcium starts to build up deposits on the surface of the pool and around the tiles, which causes unsightly white stains.

We offer the lowest price on Acid Wash and Tile Cleaning