Throughout summer time months, Las Vegas commercial pools are filled with action. The more bodies out and in of the pool, the murkier the water ends up becoming. The PH and chemical stability is tossed off, leading to dangerous and filthy water that will easily aggravate the skin and the eyes. Germs and damaging contaminants discovered in improperly treated pools may trigger algae development and surface corrosion, leading to costly repairs.

Worse yet, pollutants from perspiration, makeup, hair-care products, sun display, suntan cream and other topical remedies can be left behind in pool water. Germs flourish in these conditions. Maintaining the correct amount of chemicals in the pool will keep the bacteria from developing. Green and slimy pool water is prevented by killing algae. Let Heavenly Pools ensure that the swimming is lovely and secure.

We have worked with HoAs, hotels, apartments, banks and management companies to tend to their pool needs. We comply with all city, state, and federal regulations. We are able to supply service daily, weekly, and anywhere in between.

Our professional technicians can come 1-3 times a week as needed to keep your pool water crystal clear so that your residents or guests can properly enjoy the pool.