We offer the lowest price on Acid Wash and Tile Cleaning

As you know, Las Vegas has harsher water than other cities because of the desert. As pool water evaporates due to the high extreme temperatures all of the minerals stay behind. As you continue toadd water the mineral content increases over time causing your pool water’s hardness to increase (mainly calcium). The calcium starts to build up deposits on the surface of the pool and around the tiles, which causes unsightly white stains.

Keeping your pool looking fantastic all of the time is a challenging task. The appropriately certified and insured team at Heavenly Pools have  many, many years of experience doing tile cleaning and acid wash.

With proven expertise we’ve grown beyond many other pool companies due to building trust with our customers. We’re the greatest at pool tile cleaning you’ll find in the Las Vegas area. We have precision pool tile machines and cleansing techniques that get the work completed right.

Our aim is to provide the very best services to you for less. Your concerns are our concerns. We have the most affordable services around. We do every single job, large or small, with the highest quality of work. Your satisfaction is our goal.

All our workers are focused on supplying our clients with 100% satisfaction guaranteed work. Call us today to find out just how good of a service we can provide for you!